Lose Weight, feel healthier, and reach your goals

Get the discipline, consistency, and accountability you know you need with 1:1 coaching!


Coaching will teach you how to fuel your body right, boost your metabolism, and reach your goal weight in less time.

You've done fad diets with no luck. You feel like you're doing everything "right" yet nothing is working. You're confused, defeated, and struggling to figure out how to appropriately fuel your body. If that's you, its time to invest in 1:1 Coaching!

How Does It Work?

 1:1 Coaching with Jessica Guevara (10+ Year Health & Fitness Expert) will help you to accelerate results by giving you the clarity, strategy, and action plan to reach your goals faster and easier than ever before.

  • Get weekly coaching calls so that you can get structured accountability and guidance
  • Get real-time feedback on your food diary each week so that you can optimize your food plan
  • Get powerful mindset strategies to uncover mental roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Get complete access to all of Jessica's customized meal plans so that you can take the guesswork out of healthy eating

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1:1 Coaching Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want to lose weight, feel healthier, and create a healthier relationship with food.
  • You feel like your metabolism is stuck and nothing seems to be working
  • You struggle with overcoming sugar cravings, mindless eating and self sabotage
  • You are sick and tired of losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.
  • You're ready to finally feel good in your body, have more energy and feel confident in your clothes

Our customers love us

"Jess Not only helped me strengthen my core due to Diastasis Recti, but gave me a reset in strengthening my body and my mind. Thank you Girl! Reach out to her if you're interested in online training, amazing customized plans and RESULTS."

- Osa (Brooklyn, NYC)

"After working with Jess, I've lost all my baby weight and I feel strong again. I can laugh and sneeze and my pelvic floor feels healthy and strong! I know that sounds silly, but to me it's a reminder of how resilient my body is. That it was able to produce life and with time and proper exercises, I’ve been able to heal. I've never done a meal plan before but now I feel like I can't go to the grocery store without having a list of foods to buy and having a plan for the week!

- Socheata (Orange County, CA)

"Working with Jess has been easy and great. I used to reach for sugary foods throughout the day, and my energy levels were so low. She helped me plan for myself and my family of 4. My bloating has gone away and I've lost weight with minimal exercises. Cooking dinner is no longer stressful and I feel great about myself. I highly recommend working with her."

- Shana (Carmel ,IN)


I’m Jessica Guevara a certified health coach, certified Pilates instructor, and founder of jgpilates. My goal is to help you discover the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy everyday life to its fullest.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition mixed with physical activity can help maintain a healthy body weight. But guess what, there’s more! Proper nutrition and physical activity can also: 

  • Increase your energy level.
  • Improve your ability to fight off illness.
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.
  • Increase your overall well-being.

Helping you achieve greatness

Custom Workout Plans

I offer a variety of workout programs ranging from postpartum to weight loss. The programs are 4 weeks to 16 weeks. Our first session begins with a free 60-minute consultation.

1-on-1 Coaching 

I offer nutritional and physical fitness advice that is tailored to help you reach your goals. Our first session begins with a free 60-minute consultation.

Recipes for Success

Because feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand, I offer an extensive index of food recipes as well as tips and advice for mental wellness.

If, you're ready to break through your rut and finally get the results you want, apply now for a Free Coaching Consultation